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Re: Heavy steering, man

Thanks for the reply and sorry for the absence of info. It's an '88 Silverado, two wheel drive; 250,000 miles, but pampered. Always lubed at 3-5,000 miles; new front 235-55-17 front tires; recently aligned, no worn linkages, etc. But, as I said, it has always had a heavy feel to the steering, but, it seems, on paved backroads at less than 60 mph, that the feel is worse now. It's not free feeling, and you have to really concentrate on every input or you won't be on the line you want, does that make sense? On good Interstate pavement, it steers pretty well. But, around town, it's heavy. And, I've changed the fluid 5 years ago. It's not HARD to steer,like it's binding up, just like a motorcycle with stiction in the forks. I have adjusted the sector a little but no diff. It tool a little play out of the steering but not the heavy feel.

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