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Re: What did you get done this week 9/8/19 edition

I got my original 140k mile steering box & pitman arm swapped in favor of a fresh Redhead steering box & new Moog pitman arm. Got the old box cleaned up to return to get some $ back.

I should get a shipment today for tune-up parts (ignition parts). I found a plug wire cooked on one cylinder while doing an inspection during the recent XJ steering shaft install I completed. So some new wires + 1200F heat shields were ordered along w/general tune-up stuff. Also going to get the carrier bearing replaced, swap in some fresh u-joints, & get the driveline balanced. I never did this service once it hit the road because I was on the fence about upgrading to OD (either a GV OD unit or a 4l80e). Either would have required shortening the driveline & I didn't want to pay twice. Well, the TH400 is still in there 4yrs/7k miles later & I haven't come across a deal good enough to swap it out for something else so I'm going to make things fresh.
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