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Advice on lt1 swap in a 91 2wd S10 jimmy

Needing some experienced advice from some people who have done the swap! I know my way around a v8 S10 so thatís not the issue but Iím a little stumped on how to wire the lt1? Iíve never really messed around with one that wasnít in the chassis it came with and I want to do something with fuel injection for the jimmy!

Iím just kinda wondering how was the wire harness wiring ? Lots of it or was it fairly straight forward ? Or is their pre made harnesses ( google didnít come up with much )

Iíll probably be doing an lt1/700r4 setup and the trucks currently a tbi 2.8 if that makes a difference in wiring vs the 4.3

Thank you in advance! Any tips about pretty much anything on the swap will be appreciated
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