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Re: Phoenix pop-up camper for Bigassgas8.1L

Originally Posted by DirtyLarry View Post
Exactly! I was in the same boat. My older brother got tired of me steeling his magazines so he got me my own subscription to FOUR WHEELER and Petersonís. I thought I was the only kid in Elementary School with a subscription to 4x4 magazines. They always got me in trouble with teachers too and many got taken away. The turtle truck was one of my dream trucksÖ you can tell. I also hear you on todayís FOUR WHEELER and Petersonís. Neither appeal to me much anymore. After 25+ years straight I let Petersonís expire and I really donít miss it. If you want to read a good rag subscribe to the Overland Journal. It is pricy but worth it. The Wescott's from the Turtle Expedition still contribute their journeys in the Overland Journal.
I remember the one they did in russia that was pretty cool, as I recall wasnt it before the wall came down?
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