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Re: Any board vendors Gear Vendors dealers?

Originally Posted by Stepside Jim View Post
idbeast, how's it going?

I think with the 5 years or so I've been involved with this site, I'm about the only one who uses a Gear Vendors overdrive.

The common advice or opinion is that they are too expensive. When I built my truck I decided from the beginning I'm going all out, no excuses. I have mine behind a TH350 with lock up converter and a 3000 stall converter, I couldn't be happier.

Follow the build thread below, somewhere mid-way through the thread is where I bought and fitted the overdrive unit. Towards the last page is a pic of it bolted to the Transmission.

Good luck, Jim

Hi Jim thanks for the response! It's going a little slower then I want, but I'm starting to pickup a little more steam!
I'm into mine so deep now that I discussed with my wife about spending the required money to finish it right the first time. Too my surprise she agreed and even said OK to the PPG paint!
I will be looking your build thread over really closely! When I talked to the Gear Vendors guy and he took the time to answer all my questions explaining that it even comes with the required speedo gears an 1350 yoke I needed, and then told me that they would start the 2 year warranty when I'm able to get it on the road, hopefully before winter gets here, the wife told me I could order it the first part of the week!!!

Thanks again Jim W
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