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Re: Any board vendors Gear Vendors dealers?

I installed a GV in my Avalanche to split gears when pulling a trailer. It worked great with the 4L60E .
Before installing it was about 1000 r.p.m. between gears , after installing and using the GV it was about 500 between gears.

When I sold the Avalanche I pulled the GV and installed it in my Tahoe for the same reasons. Only change was to remove the deep sump and get the flat sump and gasket. Some wiring changes also.

If and when I ever get back to my project 56 TF The GV may move to it .

Fortunately they all are 4L60E's making the change easy.

So expensive ? Well not so bad when you consider it can be transferred to other vehicles.
Using GV Parts the unit can be used on other makes of transmissions.
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