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Re: static drop pics

Originally Posted by lolife99 View Post
I drove my blazer static dropped for a couple years.
That gave me time to save money for the air bags and a "good" air management system.

Driving my red truck, as low as it is,... looks cool,... but you really have to watch things in the road.
The a-arms are really close to the ground.
A 4/6 drop is much more streetable.
I'd like to put a set of cheap 20's on the red truck,... but they would rub the inner fenders. (and I don't really want to remove them)

I love the adjustability of air bags.
Plus the ride is great.

My next truck project will have a Dropmember under the front.
You get the best of both worlds.
Really low ride height,... plus increased ground clearance.
Ya all im missing for suspension is the air management I've thought about selling my thorbecke a arms to pay for it. Just don't know what to do by the way do you know what the 6 lug 5x7 rallies are off of ihave a set of 5x8's but like how you did yous
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