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Re: How many of you have a functioning emergency brake?

I do. Made a point to replace everything pertaining to the e-brakes when redoing the brake system on my '69 long stepper. Stopping is VERY important to me. Especially so after being behind the wheel of a two ton Pontiac with auto tranny when the brakes failed, and e-brake was frozen. Slamming it into park only resulted in snapping sounds. Never again!

Worst part about this truck was removing original cable bracket mount pins. Factory saw fit to swedge the pins. Grinding off both ends was not good enough since the part inside the boxed frame was swollen. Ended up drilling them out completely, then using the bolts included in the replacement kit.
1969 c-10 Step Side Long Bed. I-6 250cid = = 1969 Pontiac GTO hard top. 400, 4-speed.
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