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Re: max wheel / tire on a step side

I don't have 20's, but this combo is 18.x9.5 (5.25bs) with 285/40/18 tires all around. Lowered 4.5/6.75. I have the wider 72 rearend also.

The combo fits pretty good, but not without issues, well at least for what I do. I started doing more autocrossing with it. Under normal street driving conditions, not of it was an issue at all. I had to modify the lower control arms on the front because the inner wheel lip was rubbing the LCA at full lock under hard cornering.

On the rear, it still tends to rub the inner bedside, again under hard cornering. Normal street driving yielded no issues.

In these next photos, I have 1/4" spacers on the front wheels, and 7/16 spacers on the rear wheels. I did this to hopefully cure the rubbing issues in the rear. I just added the front spacers so the rears didn't look odd being out almost a 1/2" more. It did cure the rubbing at the next autocross I went to.


68 C10 stepside, LS1/700R4, TCI Engineering suspension system
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