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Re: 1960 wiring questions

Originally Posted by El Dorado Jim View Post
Vette , I am getting ready to do the internal regulator alternator swap on my 72 K20, will the people at autozone know what a 12SI alternator is? thanks..

No probably not unless there is an old timer like me working there. Ask them for the alternator that fits a mid to late eighties Gm product like Camaro or firebird.
The main difference is the larger cooling holes in the back of the alternator.
Make sure that the clocking works for your truck. That means how the mounts are positioned so that the tension rod will tighten the belt.
Worst case is you can reclock it by removing the four case screws and rotating the housing.The hard part is locking the brushes until you get it back together.

this will answer any question you have.

Be sure and read the last page of the site, it has the applications. VV

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