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Re: 1/2" Wheel spacers?

Originally Posted by hemi43 View Post
Don't use spacers. The reason is that they put too much stress on the base of the stud and could cause them to fail. In fact, here in Ontario (as I've mentioned before), they are outlawed. If you must push your wheels out, then adapters or proper wheel offset is the only way. You're only using 1/4 spacers, so I wouldn't be too concerned because the extra leverage placed on the stud is minimal. I've seen guys use 1" spacers (slip-on) and longer studs, and that's just asking for trouble because the wheel nut is so far away from the axle flange now that it put huge amounts of leverage on the base of the stud especially if these are installed on the drive axle.
Originally Posted by stangtjk View Post
Added leverage on the stud would only be an issue if the bolted connection looses it's clamping force either by the lug nuts loosening up or improper torque. If properly torqued the friction between the faying surfaces carries all the shear load.

I personally don't like the adapters. They are equally as bad if not worse in my opinion. With spacers you can at least check your lug nuts every now and then to make sure they are torqued. With the adapters the nuts holding them on are hidden by the wheel and you don't know if they loosen up... loose nuts could cause you to lose a wheel with both types.

Caveat:. I've never run either type.
I probably should have clarified what type of spacer I was going to use. Definitely, not the adapter type. It still allows for the lug nut to tighten all the way down the threads.
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