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Re: Best fuel efficiency

Every time I get in the wife's commuter ( 2013 honda CRV ( 4 cylinder engine/ 4 speed OD tranny/ front wheel drive ), I think with amazement how it would probably outrun my first car: 68 chevy step 350/350 and get better gas mileage while doing it.

The thing is geared for quick speed off the line and low RPM cruising at freeway speeds. Plus it gets 25-27 MPG.

It's just the perfect little go-getter that is designed specifically to do just that.

What would happen if I did a driveline swap from the CRV into a 67-72 short-fleet? I suspect the tranny wouldn't last very long, but...

Both vehicles weigh about the same 3500 for the honda and 3800-4200 for the truck, so we're close there.

Brick vs. wedge:
The CRV is a nice wedge shape
The Truck is a brick

Front vs. Rear drive
That would take somoe doing, maybe mount the motor normal ( not sideways ) and adapt a 200r somehow? Swap in the entire front CRV clip?

My guess is that a swap like this, would not yield the same 25-27 MPG out of the truck. The extra weight combined with the added wind resistance at speed and other detriments like rolling resistance and mechanical power loss through the tranny and diff would kill the highway mileage, probably down below 20.

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