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Re: '69 c20 rescue kind ..... of.

as requested.
(well i was doing it when you posted.)

i used a block and bottle jack to get access to the bushings

used floor jack to support while removing load from coil spring.

wheel was off. and it turns out the shock mounting plate didnt need to be loosened. just the load off the spring.
cleaned the hole.
replaced the bolts.
blue locktite and new lock washers.

used the bottle jack upfront and the floor jack out back and the hole lined right up.

tools of the day were the plumbers torch to heat the crusty nuts and the lever breaker to break em loose.

also used the ball joint press and a few cups and block to push the old ones out and the new one in. really helped no fighting at all. well not very much.

thanks for the help from previous posters and thanks for helping me enjoy my truck.
i love every machine. even the ones i hate.

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