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RideTech or QA1

Hello All! So I m in the final stages of making my mind up on a suspension setup but could use some input. I have a 1978 2wd LWB C10 that currently has 1/2 ton springs in front and 3/4 ton leafs out back with ride assist air bags. After purchasing the truck I immediately put dropped shackles on it to level the ride height. I am nearing the start of my ls swap and want to address the suspension and braking (which I already have figured out).

I am on the fence about installing the RideTech Street Grip kit for the truck. Or I am considering going with QA1's new tubular control arms for standard shocks and springs not the coil over setup as they still offer up to a 7 degree gain in caster. The RideTech Street Grip kit is a complete system. If I go with the QA1 control arms my thoughts are to add a QA1 sway bar, RideTech HQ shocks, RideTech lowering springs, and CPP modular spindle. I would also replace the leaf spring bushings with poly, remove 4 or 5 leaf springs from the pack and have the remaining leaf springs dearched.

I should mention that the truck is gaining an LS3 and 4l80e. Although there is plenty of power on tap I am not building a drag or an auto cross truck. Just building something I can hop in and simply drive the wheels off of, be super comfortable in, and that handles well. Also not looking to have a truck that is laid out. Any input/feedback you all may have is greatly appreciated.
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