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Re: Door pillar rust

Wish I knew how tro resize these down from IMGUR <== you can scroll down.

So - I tried to pull back the paint and rust to metal around the pillarg hinge. Seems pretty much like into good metal and should be able to weld 3-4 pieces of small sheet metal into place ..... prime with rustoleum and then seal and smotth out with bondo fiberglass.

The upper part of the gutter seems solid and not rused through .... the other picture is looking up with phone and taking a pic - defaintely surfave rust but expect this is normal for these trucks.

1) HOW do you remove the square/oval shaped screws or rivits holding cowl on top. Special tool or drill and tap ?

2) I am thinking of patching everything. Im not too concerned with how it looks as its not a frame off restore ..... just want to cut out any structure issues and patch so it will hold a few years until I take the body off. So thinking

a) 3-4 small formed sheet metal pices in door pillar looks like good metal.

b) bigger rust down middle of step where support ridge goes. Cut it all out so Im into good metal with saw ..... and get a slightly thicker piece of metal and weld it in place. If I need to I can weld a few support beams underneath crossing the alternate way.

Thoughts ?
I am not doing this truck as show truck. Its a DD and my frst project. My main reason for not tackling it fully is if I dont compete this ... it will just be another add on craiglist. It also loos like structureally the metal is ok around the hinges at least .... just the typical areas that rust out .... but not as bad as I thought.

Finally - like I said - if I decide to tackle body/rust Id rather do it in a few years and take the entire body off and have it media blasted and deal with it ALl properly - rather than patch here and patch there.

Not sure ...... never done before so winging it
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