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Re: Door pillar rust

they may be clutch head screws. grind the heads off if you don't have a tool for that, or order the tool and wait. grind and vise grip works pretty well after heating the screw up to loosen it off some before trying to remove it. if it is an actual square it may be a roberson head screw. Canada's fix for the "always stripped out" phillips head screws, haha.
grind or sandblast or treat or whatever the rust
do any weld in repairs but spray with weld through primer first on anything that is sandwiched or un accessible after the new panel is welded in
do any weld bond repairs
epoxy prime and lay it on thick at the seams so it will penetrate into the seam as much possible
seam seal
body fill as required
high build primer
more high build
more sanding
more high build
block sanding if ready otherwise more high build
take pics and post for all us slackers to see
carry on
drive unit waaaay sooner than us slackers who are just checking the thread
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