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okay, been a while since I posted so here goes. ever since we started our maintenance schedule at work, early September. I haven't been able to do much, but I'm slowly getting to it.
Just changed my heater core, still need to run the hoses for the ducts, the vibration issue I had took some work, but I got that ironed out this past Saturday. I ended up doing way more than needed, but I wanted to be thorough, and not miss anything. I found my driveline angles were off, so I had to drop the differential and add some 2 degree pinion shims between the trailing arms and the differential mounting pads to point the pinion downward.
I also felt some excessive backlash in my ring and pinion, so I opened up the differential cover and took a dial indicator reading, once I grabbed the ring gear, I felt some abnormal movement of the carrier, upon closer inspection, I didn't shim the bearing races tight enough, allowing the carrier to move side to side. after juggling the shims around, I finally got .007" backlash and since I had to remove my axles and seals, I replaced them as well just to be sure no leaks and or possible bearing issues.
long story short, the drive home was smooth, and I took it up to 90 MPH, no vibration problems, mission accomplished!!! I have some more to do on Saturday, will keep you posted...
Have a good one!
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