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1968 Ford Farm truck Resurrection

Hey Gang!A few years ago I was approached to start this build on the 68 Ford truck. The owner Steve and his wife have had this truck for some time now. HTey are the scond owners of this 50 000 mile al original truck. The truck use to belong to steves dads neighbour. Steve and his brother grew up riding around in this truck from time to time. The original owner just putted around the farm in this truck, however his wife tore around in this truck from what I was told. When the estate went up for sale, Steve could not let this truck go. So they bought it with the intentions of rebuilding it. Fast forward a few years and His nephew started some of the work on it under my guidance and got a fair amount done. I was suppose to start this build a couple of years ago and just the way things have been I never got around to it. So I would like to thank Steve and his wife for being very understanding, and I just want to tell them that I am sorry for the delay. and now that the stars have aligned we can finally progress on this build and get it all done.
The ideas behind this truck was to have a a great cruiser with a bit of Hot rod in her veins. Nothing too rank for drivetrain, just a reliable truck that can drive anywhere and go anywhere. Fuel injected and comfortable. But attend some car shows with steve's cousin also. (more on hat in a minute). Now that we had some ideas down it was time to find the driveline. Well with Steve's nephews help (Luke) they found a 2005 P71 crown vic with 180kms on it. the perfect drivelin transplant. but wait it also comes with that front suspension that almost bolts into these trucks, so now we have a reliable drivetrains and a comportable ride plus the added benefits of the large disc brakes and lowered ride height.
However we could not use the rear differential as it was too wide, so I sourced a 2008 Ford ranger FX4 rear differential that has the 4:10 gears, Locker and 31 splines. Perfect for a hot rod of this nature. Now btn Luke and Steve they disassembled the entire truck and got to work on the frame, they managed to get the front suspension all in and then sent the frame off for powdercoating. Next Luke tried his hand at some tin welding and modifying. He did ok for his first time at this.
looking over the truck there is barely any rust, couple of little spots on it and that is about it, barely any dents on it. It is a beautiful ride. The idea so far on this truck is to rechrome the front bumper and grile. Make it a very clean ride. The truck will get buckets inside, original trim added to the outside, all new lenses around it, Air conditioning, tilt, Dakota digital gauges, plus a slew of other things.
Anyways onto the truck and pictures, more to follow!!!
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