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Re: 1968 Ford Farm truck Resurrection

I'm a hard-core Chevy truck guy, but there's something about the late '60s/early '70s Ford trucks that I really like. Well, everything except the crappy Twin I-Beam front suspension. For years, you never saw them hot-rodded because there was very limited aftermarket support for things like the suspension. You saw lots of custom 4x4 Fords, but never a lowered one. That's why I really like them when they're lowered correctly and have the right wheels and tires. They look really cool and unique.

Another thing about that generation of F-100 trucks....I don't know who designed the door latches on those trucks, but whoever it was, he was a genius. You can go up to ANY Ford of that era in a wrecking yard and the doors close and latch perfectly with just the push of your finger. That was an excellent design.
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