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Re: Transmission / rear end set up

Originally Posted by AcampoDave View Post
You can still find five lug 3.08's on squarbodies in PickN'Pull. It's getting harder, but you still can. As for the 700r4, I have ridden in 2 differnt trucks which had them, but I guess they were poorly done because they just seemed to bumble around shifting oddly alternating from 3rd to 4th. Then 2 more guys I know fried theirs with the cable being botched up at the throttle. I'm sure they are fine when done properly but since I operate on the K.I.S.S principal, I pretty much wrote 'em off already.
I have 6 lug with nice rims. I heard if the 700r4 is not hooked right it will toast the trans.
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