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Re: '64 chevy 2wd to 4wd

typical revell cheapness, no cab floor, just like the green '77 dually....heyyy.... it's all coming back now.....
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start of a floor
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tailgate looks weird on the inside. mudded up the pieces i put in, when dry i'll sand it. if it looks ok i will leave it. if it looks like crap i will put a aluminum checkerplate guard over it
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can't belive i don't have a round-eye short fleet in the stable.....
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was orig. going to do this crewy red, but did the gmc dually red instead. always had a soft spot for flames (my '68 gm, our quads, my riding helmet, my welding helmet, my hard hat, my parts washer, my quad trailer, my tool box, my dirt bike, my boat trailer, and of course my flamed shorts...)
only color i can think that would go nice with these flames is jet-black...with a blown six'er
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