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Re: '64 chevy 2wd to 4wd

thanks Dale, but i'm really starting to get frustrated with my caster. Has been 53 days now, and all tracking stopped on dec 8. i think it's pretty obvious it has been "misplaced" or lost, but my caster does not seem to give a s**t. I have sent him a few emails asking him to start a lost package procedure with USPS, as there is nothing i can do, i did not send it. So far he has not replied to any of my emails nor started a lost claim....hmmmm.....helluva way to treat one of your oldest and best customers, i have prob bought more from him than any other individual.
last email i sent was last friday, wife says if he won't answer by this friday (tomorrow) , go to paypal and get my money back....been trying to avoid that, he does have alot of what i use..... bummer
keepin on running out of things to do, already got 2 trucks on the go, dont really want to start a third...
some int work
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whipped up a visor and aluminumized my tailgate protector
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