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Re: 78 2wd Blazer - LS Swap and more..

Once the LY6 arrived we went ahead and started getting it ready for mock up. This thing came from North Carolina and looked like it lived in the mud most of it's life! Haha.

We are running Hooker engine mounts that I ended up modifying to allow the factory Denso A/C compressor to sit down low in the stock 2009 location.

Ended up moving the engine forward about 1/2" to make that happen. That also helped our rear tunnel with how close the tail shaft was to the floor.

Here you can see that the stock oil pan works just fine in these trucks with these mounts.

I was originally going to use the stock exhaust manifolds from the '09 but I had these Stainless Works 67-69 Camaro headers left over from a project and decided to see if they would fit. Drivers side fit perfectly. Passenger side needed the #2 cylinder tube modified to clear the cradle. I cut off the flange and ordered a new flange as well as a new 90 degree 1.75" stainless tube from Summit.

With the new headers in place we realized that the exhaust wouldn't really clear the trans X member too well. So I modified it using some 1/4" wall steel tubing that I usually use for C notching.

Exhaust kit is a 2.5" from Summit. I think it is dynomax? Of course it didn't really fit that great with the flip kit and 2wd. Or at least not how I'd like it to fit..

We're also running 3" Magnaflow cats with full emissions with O2 sensors and evap canister for fuel vapor control.

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