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Re: 78 2wd Blazer - LS Swap and more..

Once the jambs we're all painted we started putting some things back in to make room in the shop.

Here are the fans that I use. They are from Cooling Components Inc.

Next I started working on some wiring and getting the E38 ECU mounted. I ended up building a bracket and hanging it from the pedal box.

I also worked on straightening the hood and getting the bottom painted. My Dad did all the sanding for me. Talk about some labor time!

Fenders back on and ready to vinyl wrap the outside.

In the mean time I ordered some wheels. I ordered the SBS Formula in 15x8 with 4" of backspace for the fronts. Let me just say that Wheel Vintiques built mine in a reversed hoop and those do not fit!

Also the rears needed quite a bit of machining to clear the face of the brake drum.

But in the end we got them working with the 15x8 with 4.25" BS in the front. The new wheels require a spacer to clear the tie rod ends but all will look great.

Next we got our first delivery back from the interior guy. Went light tan vinyl along with GM brown and tan hounds tooth.

Also got the interior plastic all painted including the console I bought here on the forum.

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