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Re: Transmission? Poor acceleration.

This truck has been my daily driver...I only commute about 5 miles round-trip. I changed the plugs a week ago, changed the air filter, and reset the timing. I don't smell anything burnt when the truck runs, but it does have some white/gray smoke coming out of the exhaust pipes. I'm definitely down with the second link you provided, but I already have put Bar's Leak into the transmission fluid to help with any slipping.

When the weather dries out a bit I'm going to crawl under the truck and drain the tranny again, then drop the pan to see what's what. That way at least I'll know if there is metal shavings or not.

How would I go about "drying out" the block (removing the excess oil that may have been pushed into unwanted areas)? Where all do I look for issues?
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