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Re: 5.3L DBW cruise hookup

Well, all I can say is it DOES work. My cruise works perfectly, and the insides ARE the same. You have to start by pulling the set/coast button off (it's just pressed on, and takes very little to pull it off) then use a pick to pull out the star washer that holds the switch in, then pop the cover off and the switch will come out. The three wire switch inside is dimensionally EXACTLY the same as the later model four wire switch. You also have to re-use your original on/off portion of the switch (it to also is just lightly pressed onto the switch) then reassemble by putting the cover back on, put the star washer back in, and just press the set/coast button back on.

I do know what I'm talking about, and if you broke your switch because you didn't know how to take it apart, I apologize for not being more clear about how it's done, but if you were unsure, you should have asked before just tearing into it. Slamming someone on the forum never helps the situation.
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