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Re: a REAL 1966 C10 Barn Find

Originally Posted by jocko View Post
GREAT find, congrats. Love that color combo. whatcha gonna do with it?

Inspiration (not sure who owns these, but they're so good lookin I had to save the pics)
Jocko the one in your second picture w/ gree grass under it was Josh Quillen's old 66 and that truck was my inspiration already to continue chasing this truck...Josh and I have been friends a long time and I should have my butt kicked for letting his trophy winner get away in the first place. Since that time, "Patina" trucks have begun to rule the roost at the shows garnering all the attention and praise over fully restored vehicles of every type. Nothing stirs the imagination like an unrestored vehicle - especially one with known history to boot. I am going to preserve this one under some professionally applied flat clear and re-do the white areas with flat matching patina'd white I think and drive it to all the shows this Summer
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