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Re: The Six Hunnet Dalla Crawla Hala!

Been pushing hard on the Hauler, I pretty much realized I will not make my Moab trip due to just too much stuff to do and buy! That's ok, plenty more wheelin trips in the future. I'm having fun working on this and might as well not rush.

Got some new glass installed, I was happy with how that turned out. Makes the truck look a lot better.

Then I got to removing the rear decking, not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

And finally, replaced the leaky rear wheel seal, repaired the oil sender wiring, installed a junk yard oxygen sensor and figured out how I'm going to lengthen the bed to get the K10 on it.

Not much left!

Looks better, I still need new rotors, but it's not leaking, has new park brake shoes, and will have new pads when I get the correct ones.

I talk about in the video how I will modify the bed so the K10 will fit, basically I'm going to slide the bed back about 24", then I won't have to add a bunch of material and weight to it.

GoldyLS1 K20 Build

My K10 Rock Crawler

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