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LS swap vs TBI replacement

Considering an LS swap for my 2wd lowered Suburban. Background is I drive it regularly, not quite a daily driver but close. Occasionally tow light weight trailer with a few hundred lbs on it. But I am rebuilding an wooden runabout so will be towing 2,500# +/- in a year or so.

Like everyone I want more power, better performance but still talking mild street engine with the power range in the lower RPM's. Mainly looking for more tourque than HP here. Power to tow and enough power to pass the slow pokes and not wonder if you made a mistake pulling out with the stock low HP engine!

LS swap would require me to buy a used engine, harness and computer to keep it in my price range. More work involved with the swap obviously and more time involved.

Other option is a 350/355 crate motor with Vortec Heads and using the TBI. I would prefer a 383 but they add about a $1,000 to the cost. Crate motor has warranty and is pretty much just bolt in. Will require computer tuning.

Assuming both cost being similar I was very much into the LS swap but the more I look at it from a practical standpoint I can't really see any advantage to the LS. Sure you get a new more modern engine but lots of extra work and as far as I see in my case, not a lot of advantages.

Am I missing something?
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