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Starting Problems

I recently bought a 1988 GMC 2500 4x4. I didn't run and was towed to my yard. I put a battery in it and turned on the key. Starter just clicked and no fuel pump sound. I changed the starter, battery cables, and fuel pump. It started and ran. When I took the tank out there was about 5 gallons of very old gas in it. Got rid of that and installed fresh gas. It didn't drive because of a clutch slave problem. I got back to working on the truck a week later, and it would not start. I thought maybe the fuel filter might be plugged. Changed it. It smelled like bad gas. Tried to start it and it wont start. Sprayed starting fluid in it and it starts and dies. I took the fuel lines off and turned the key on and it sprayed gas for a second. I am thinking that maybe injectors are plugged. I picked up some noid lights and make sure there is power getting to the injectors. I will test that tomorrow. Am I heading the wrong direction or is it something else. It does have gas about 3 gallons.
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