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Re: 1972 Medium Blue Highlander Blazer Resto

Originally Posted by DeadheadNM View Post
Plan for the undersurface of the pan is to bedline it black together with the inner surface of the fenders.

I'm not sure what gear ratio to go with yet other than it wont be 3.08. Likely 3.73 or something like 3.55. I'm keeping the th350 and expect to use 33" tires.

The th350 and np205 are being rebuilt at the moment.

Allcan zero lift, stock height springs built to ride level with two rear passengers and a spare tire mounted in the correct location.
I can't help but wonder how your Blazer will ride with those springs ? That seems to be a whole lot of leafs for the front. I only have 3 in my front springs. Keep us posted.
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