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Re: Powder Coating - A Home How to

Originally Posted by bowman39 View Post
Great write up, I have been powder coating for several years now and It saves a lot of money after time. I had the opportunity to travel to columbia tennessee and attend a 3 day powder coating class given by a company called columbia coatings. They are very knowledgable and friendly people and they sell top notch equipment and powders. One thing to keep in mind when ordering powder is to make sure they are selling you virgin powder, some companies will offer used powder that has been reclaimed and if your not careful it will have impurities that will show up in your powder. Columbia coatings has a gun that has a patent pending nozzle that will charge the powder without charging the part that will virtually eliminate faraday caging and if your piece can handle the temperature it can be powder coated. Ive personally powder coated wood and glass. here is a few items that ive coated in the last few weeks.

looks really good! is that intake manifold done with silver vein?
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