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Re: Powder Coating - A Home How to

Originally Posted by Nitis View Post
I just got one of these setups about 6 weeks ago yes its messy but so rewarding! I have been doing a ton of yeti cups ( stainless tumblers)

I an having really good luck but does anyone have a good basic way to mask things off so you could two tone? I bought some of the high temp tape but kinda worried it will leave goo behind. Any tips?

Cant wait to do some stuff when the 72 gets tore down gotta pick a unique color

And I am using a toaster oven I bought the biggest one walmart had but I am on the lookout for a used electric oven for sure. Then I am pretty sure I could do wheels
I love the Yeti cups. They are freaking awesome! I give them away as gifts all the time. I do have one concern, though. Does the high heat harm them? I know they say not to freeze or wash them in the dishwasher. If it doesn't, I may have to give it a whirl.

As far as the tape, I have used it before and didn't have any issue with the adhesive. It's made for that as long as you get the right stuff. It's not cheep, though. You can also use a small amount of tape and tin foil to mask the rest of it.
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