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Re: Ok, so who has used one of these before?

I have not used anything like that but I also don't feel like it's completely necessary. Here is a pic of my son's toy. It makes the local shows and looks as good as most. I painted it in my buddies old dirty shop, with my trusty $40 Home Depot paint gun.I hung up plastic, cut a few strategically placed holes, and turned on his exhaust fan for a bit of crossflow and updraft. Some words of advice from my own experiences. Don't wet the floor too much if the humidity or heat are high....the clearcoat doesn't like it. I use the method of turning on the exhaust fan and using the leaf blower to stir up and expel all the dust. Make sure you have lots of light, if you don't it's hard to see the overlaps in the clear. Hang a small chain from the frame to the floor, it's an old trick to keep static electricity at bay. Most importantly stick with one paint brand from primer to clear and follow their instructions. The "show" quality paint is mostly in the cut-n-buff AFTER the paint job. I'd have to guess that since you have a name brand gun you can paint as good or better than me.
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