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Smile Re: 65 long bed fleetside!!! I'm baaaccckk!!#fathersdaygiftrebuild

So I managed to change the fuel pump tonight and of course when trying to take the fuel line out of the pump the nut was so seized up that it bent the fuel line all to crap and twisted it off my dad just happened to have some line in the shop and the brass fittings so got that fixed manage to get it hooked up with just the light of my cell phone hoping I didn't cross thread the nut into the fuel pump dad says we will check it out tomorrow I went to start it to see if I had any leaks and of course the battery was dead so had to call it a night think I found a couple replacement fenders on here from an awesome guy in Arizona excited to purchase these fenders as soon as possible here's some pics from this afternoon. Oh and I also found out the engine is out a of Chevy nova just wish I could post the video of the engine it's going in it I guess the file is too large
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You've got to see the potential in this build, at least that's what I keep telling her. Whether she'll ever see it i don't know.

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