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Re: Stumped

I think the 3 wire type are built into the marker instead of a separate bulb.

Here's one:
It does not mention in the listing about 3-wire but I think it probably is.

Here is another thread where some folks are working on LED side markers, including 2 wire and 3 wire types:

I believe the objective those guys had is to make the marker glow when headlights are on, and to glow brighter for the blinker signal. That's not the way I like mine, I prefer the marker to glow when headlights are on, and blink off and on when the turn signal is on. There is just one level of brightness on mine. In addition, I like the way conventional bulbs look, they are slow to come on and reach full brightness, and when they go off they fade off. I am considering adding LED bulbs just for the brake lights because it is advantageous for those to come on instantly.

I have seen posts where some board members custom make LED assemblies and sell to other members, but I did not bookmark those because I don't care too much for the bunch of separate glowing dots behind the lens. It makes the truck look to modern for my taste.

I have conventional bulbs, so I should excuse myself from further posts on this thread and let somebody who got everything going with LEDs to chime in and give all the details about exactly what to buy including part numbers and vendor.

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