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The "I've never done this before" build.

Here we go, I've never taken on an endeavor this large before. I've built a few motorcycles and I'm an aircraft mechanic in the Air Force so I am confident in my mechanical abilities. I got a steal on this '72 longbed out of eastern Colorado. The truck has a really solid frame and body. The 250 straight six is pretty tired and has some pretty gnarly blow by that's coming out the rocker cover breather. I don't have much of a game plan right now as I just got the truck two days ago. I've been poking around and am pretty happy with its condition, overall. I ripped the floor mats and seat out last night to look at the floors and again, I think I'm starting off better than most. This is gonna be a rolling project and I'm gonna have a lot of questions. I'm not new to forums though so I will search my hardest before I ask some newbie stuff and piss everyone off. Here's Old Blue as she sits right now.
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