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Question C3500 is having a change of heart!

My Crew Cab 6.5td has had a moment, early in the morning i set out to walk the dogs down by the river, without any notice the oil cooler fractured and spat out the majority of the oil. I was on a single track road at the time and rather than stop and block it, i carried on until there was a pullover spot; i got within 30 yards before the death shudder happened. Luckily i had a winch with me, and using strops and trees i managed to park up off the road.

Having been recovered home by two of my son's, i locked the truck and walked away.

I have now calmed down, i was mainly mad at myself for not stopping straight away and making some sort of get home fix.

So what to do, i didn't know what engine to go with, re-build the V8, stick in a gas engine, or go left field.

Well, i have decided to go as far left field as is possible; the truck will be re-born with a Mercedes OM606 (super) turbo diesel. The super comes from the fact that it will have a mechanical fuel pump, a bigger turbo, an anti-judder kit and 400bhp.

Any thoughts and views are welcome.
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