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Re: C3500 is having a change of heart!

Thank you for your comments.

The OM606 is a straight 6 with a reputation for longevity and has the ability to put out stupid amounts of power with only minor adaptions to the stock internals.

I am an old man (nearly), so I am only looking at a mild uplift from 174 bhp to somewhere between 250 - 350 bhp. The engine is currently in a W210 saloon, which is a relatively heavy car, but it also appeared in light and medium Mercedes trucks and European motor homes.

Given that the 6.5 td was only putting out 220 bhp even when turbo assisted, I donít envisage a lack of power and given that it is the C3500 I am not worried about low end torque. A company in the UK has a demonstrator Ford extended cab from the same era, in which they replaced the 7.3 diesel with an OM606 and that puts out a shed load of power, way more than I need - check it out at UKDP on the You Tube.

There is also a guy in the States who has fitted one to an extended cab Chevy and his write up is really well done with many pics I will try to post up a link for your entertainment.
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