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Re: 1998 5.7L Sierra SLE, 91k miles, TONS of xtras, loaded w/leather

Last but not least, I mentioned the PO ignored water leaks from the cowl area, 3rd brake light seal, cracked roofline seam sealer at driver side B-pillar, and windshield which let to the carpet underlay stay soaked for an unusual period of time. I fixed all but one leak in the cowl, which only leaks when I park on the street with the passenger side lower than driver's side. I've driven through torrential downpour in the truck for 20 minutes on end and observe no leak, so I can't figure out the source or why it only happens when truck is sitting with passenger side angled downward.

I pulled the entire carpet, cleaned the topside, treated the massback and noise dampener, let it dry out in the sun for several weeks during our drought, sound-deadened the driveline (which was free of paint bubbling) and the back wall of the cab. As you can see there's non-perforating rust on the passenger floorboard, but it's nothing a wirewheel won't take care of rapidly, a little self-etch primer or converter, and I'll give the buyer a free rattle-can of OEM-matching paint to get the floorboard back to OEM appearance again. I've kept that corner of the carpet folded back after so the water won't re-drench everything.
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