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Re: Stolen last night

Originally Posted by Gotenntitans View Post
Police advised us IF they find the truck with someone driving it, that person might not go to jail because that person may not have been the one who stole it. Also, they told us IF the truck is found either being driven or abandoned/stripped, we would have to pay storage fees and we would have to pay to have it returned to us on a trailer.....unless it's drivable and we go to pick it up.

When I asked why the thief (if caught) wouldn't have to pay all the fees and damages caused to the truck, they advised us that he probably has no money and a judge probably would not tack those fees onto his bail.

Police told us of two brothers who kept selling vehicles to individuals, keeping a key, following the buyers home and returning to steal the vehicle back a month or so later....then reprinting that vehicle and reselling it again. They caught them and after a couple of times doing this , they finally made it stick. Those two are in jail.

Criminals have lots of loopholes protecting them over here, but I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. I still have confidence we'll get our truck back.

always the victim that pays the price. US really has become a corrupt joke = government lawyers lawmakers all in bed together to cream the average US citizen, founding forefathers this country are turning in there graves in disbelief , constitution is near non existent today.
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