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Re: 1949 frame swap

Originally Posted by ToyWrecker View Post
Might have been, But it has been sold for a week now. So back to the drawing board.

I'm in the middle of a similar project now. Swapping a '51 1 ton dually to the chassis of a 82 GMC 1 ton dually, for the purpose of having a nice tow rig.
I even have a '50 2 ton as well, which as you know, is slightly wider across the front fenders.

My measurements show that it should line up pretty well, and result in a scenario where the wheels WONT stick out beyond the fenders, especially if using the 2 ton body.

My advice is get your measurement from the 67-72 chassis you want to use, (maybe outside of front tire to outside of other front tire) and see how that lines up with the fender width of the two ton truck, which is 74 7/8" front outside of front fender to outside of front fender.
I hope that helps.

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