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Re: 1998 5.7L Sierra SLE, 91k miles, TONS of xtras, loaded w/leather

Sold! Who knew a good 'ol FOR SALE sign in the back window would be so effective? Sold less than 36 hours after installing it. That said ... I'll have a crapload of brand new parts listing on the parts forum for any of you other GMT 400 lovers out there. Stay tuned
Got some New/NOS/Like-new stuff for sale below retail:

'95-'00 turn signal/cruise/hazard lever (DS698T) || MTX powered 240W subwoofer || pro reupholstered oversized Tan/Neutral visors || huge early-mid 2000s truck magazine stash

I'm probably still around even if not posting. Drop me a PM! I'm (hopefully) still alive.
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