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Re: 1998-2000 Crew Cab short bed's? Post your Pics!

Originally Posted by Mr Pops View Post
I know the one you're talking about. Haven't seen him around for a while though.
Was the front conversion as simple as swapping spindles? Or did you have to change control arms and/or crossmember too?
It was on kijiji last winter. Here's a pic of it for anyone wondering what we are talking about.
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As far as the conversion goes. The rear is just a dif swap with a conversion u-joint to mate the 3/4 dif to the 1/2 ton. The front was a little more involved, the lower control arms are the same as well as the tie rods. Spindles, dust shields, upper control arms, brakes, brake hoses and callipers are all from the 1/2 ton. I used a 1/2 ton 4/6 drop kit.
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