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Re: Line-X... How far to take it.

This isn't going to be a show truck or a fair weather cruiser and it won't fit in the garage so it's going to live outside. It will see some off roading and may eventually​ be my daily driver (I've been eyeing the new 6.2L and 8 speed.)

I was counting on the "your truck.. build it how you want" responses but one day I may sell this thing and don't want it to be one of those trucks that buyers are like wtf was that guy thinking when he did that? Which is why outside the body will definitely not see liner. I've seen a few wranglers pull it off but the blazers I've seen I haven't been a fan of.

I find it interesting that you agree with the bottom but had reservations about the inside... Was expecting the opposite. I will have pictures of the tub fully stripped before it sees the liner so there will be no questions about what's hiding beneath. I've fixed every bit of rust I run in to as the last thing I want is too dump all this time and money into it just to have a random rust bubble pop through somewhere a year down the road.
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