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Re: What Tire size to Run with 4.10s

Originally Posted by xKid4x4s View Post
Hey everybody, I have a 2000 old body style K3500 4x4, with 4.10 Gear ratios, 454 Vortec engine, 4L80e Trans, and it drinks fuel like crazy!!

Now besides knowing that this truck will never be fuel efficient as long as gas is over 10 Cents a Gallon, Id like to know what size rims/Tires should I run with the 4.10 gear ratio the differentials have?

Currently I am running the stock wheel size configuration (sorry Cant remember the size now), and Thought that due to gears etc.. Putting larger wheels on this truck will improve my mileage on the highway? would like to run some 17" Rims with 37" Rubber, but will do what ever is most feasible.

thanks for any input!

The lift and mods required to run 37s (let alone 6 of them) will put you into the single digits in a hurry.

I had to crank and add a block in the rear for 255/85R-16s, also rear spacers. 2008-2010 17" DRW wheels will still fit and offer you a 17" wheel platform. Otherwise there are 19.5" P-series wheels but those will put you into some pretty high load ranges with limited tire/tread choices. If you do go 17" there are a few manuf. that make a 245/75R17

Best thing you can do for the Vortec 454 I've found is a good tuneup, a set of bosch style injectors from someone like FiveOhMotorsports, and a tune from someone like Blackbear Performance.

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