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Re: Some updates on my not so rust free Blazer

Originally Posted by Ptjsk View Post
If you get all rust replacement, metal work complete by a competent craftsman, and a complete paint job for 20k.....that's a great deal!

I do most all of my own body work, and have been doing my own paint (as long as it's solid colors), and I have found paint and supplies alone can easily exceed 5k! And that's not taking into account metal replacement parts.

Good luck with your venture,

I have all the patch panels, an NOS drivers door, rockers, tailgate, inner and outer grill, condensor, window sweeps and felts, and passenger fender. Rebuilt vent windows, tilt, One of Classic Heartbeat's heater cores and I rebuilt the hinges. Except for paint it will be mostly labor and I would rather pay $30,000 and have it done right than $20,000 and be disappointed. He did say the $20 is on the low end and most likely closer to the $30,000 and "could" be more.

I'll also be doing all the interior, gauge cluster etc.

Thanks for the input.
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