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Re: Swapping Drivers spindle for Passenger

Originally Posted by cerial View Post
I am building a fun build out of a 94 s10.

Short version to a long story is I want to mount a 04 Saturn Ion (EPS) rack against the back side of the engine cross member with a custom sway bar above it.

But the arms for the steering linkage are in the front.

Is it possible to simply swap the passenger side spindle for the drivers side and vice versa to move those arms to the rear or is there a issue with camber or something else that would not make this work?

Would it work if I swaped the upper and lower control arms (and spindles) from the drivers to the passenger side?

Was the Saturn Ion rack mounted behind the cross member or in front of it?

If it was front mounted, it needs to be used in a front mount location...

If it was rear mounted, swap just the spindles from one side to the other.

But...triple check the caster and camber very closely.

Swapping the suspension arms would totally screw up the geometry.

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