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Re: What did you do to your truck today? Chapter II

Getting ready to do a short bed conversion so with the bed and rear cross member already out it was time to get everything leveled up. I put the truck up on blocks under the front cross member (can't have to many blocks of wood around) and and jack stands just in front of the rear cab mounts. Leveled it with a clear tube of water and then up front tack welded rebar uprights to the bumper brackets. Under the rear of the cab I shimmed the jack stands so everything is true and level. Next I'll do some plumb lines, then I should be ready to starting cutting.

"Low Aspirations" 71 C10 LWB 307 AT, PS, PDB 3.07 - Eastern Wa Farm Truck with little rust and lots of dents, currently in a SWB conversion

"Ranched" Dad's old 78 C10 SWB 292 4spd 4:11 after 25 years of sitting in a pasture

"To work with, not on" 65 C20 292 4spd 4:56 Eaton HO52, Finally have one I can use
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