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Re: What did you do to your truck today? Chapter II

Originally Posted by Originally Posted by Mike_The_Grad View Post
Thanx @ elliot949 &@TeX Jake. Anytime I get two of the same opinions its good enough for soon to follow. Any idea on how many cans? I'm gonna paint engine and trans....
Originally Posted by Elliot949 View Post
Probably no more than 3... the key to this product is to apply it EXACTLY per label... If you do Everything right there will never be a time that you would need a "professional" repaint it...

This product actually is what most Restoration companies use to paint OEM style restoration projects...
Agreed. Apply as per label. I painted a set of headers on my 38' Plymouth ratrod truck last year and once they were installed & I ran the truck they never blistered or discolored. And since I didn't have a oven to cure them in, I painted them in the summer sun when it was 103 degrees outside. And I also did the run cycle as directed just to help cure them from the inside out. Also a great prep surface is the key to getting paint to bond forever.
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